UPC-A barcode display format

The UPC-A barcode does not display in the "correct" format.


Can the UPC barcode be made to look like a standard UPC-A barcode?

They want this style

Is there a way to do that?

To clarify, the first image is what you are getting? And the next two are examples of what you would like according to the UPC-A spec?

I see this listed under 'Perspective'. Is this barcode being shown on a perspective screen? Or is this coming from the Reporting module?

What version of Ignition are you using?

The first image is the Perspective 8.1.x screen
The second is the UPC-A specification pictures

I took a look into this for you. First off, I should note that the barcode rendered is indeed valid, but I understand that it does not appear to visually match the UPC-A spec perfectly as requested.

To produce the image, we are leveraging a barcode rendering library. That library exposes the ability to include the barcode text (or not). Our implementation currently hardcodes this property to not include the text and we manually add the text to the image external to the library (this appears below the barcode as you see). When that variable is set true it is just as if a rectangular textbox w/ white background is placed on top of the bottom of the barcode giving it the visual that you are seeking.

I have entered a feature request (IGN-9244) to expose this library variable which would give you more control over the barcode image rendering and allow you to better match the UPC-A spec.

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