Update a cell in a PowerTable without using "system.dataset.setValue()"

Good afternoon.

In Ignition 8.0.14 I need to update a cell by script in a Power Table without using “system.dataset.setValue()”.

I need this because I hide some rows in this way:

JTable = PowerTable.getTable()
JTable.setRowHeight(i, 0)

Then, if I after use “system.dataset.setValue()” to update a cell, the Power Table is reloaded and the row height is reset to the “Row Height” property of the Power Table.
So, I want to edit the value of a cell by script without losing the custom height of some rows.

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You can’t. The Power Table’s backing data model is the dataset, and Ignition datasets are (generally) immutable, which is why you have to go through so many hoops to edit them.

What Paul said.

Consider setting a row filter in a propertyChange event for the table’s data.

Can you write a little example, please?

Thank you.

Start here:

Thank you.