Update An Acknowledgement Note

Is there a way through script to update an existing Acknowledgement Note for a particular alarm?

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You are not able to update acknowledgement notes since the System.alarm.acknowledge() function is working as intended when it does not allow you to change the acknowledgement notes on an alarm that has already been acknowledged.

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Got it, thanks for the information!

What about the query interface at .../web/status/sys.internaldb?

Would it be possible to run an UPDATE statement from there to correct the acknowledgment notes?

No, because alarm journals are not stored in the internal DB. But alarm journals are stored on the database the user chose when configuring, so those tables are entirely fair game for SQL manipulation. IA isn't going to do this bad practice for you.

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Intuitively, I knew this was a bad practice, but nevertheless, curiosity got the better of me.

Arguably, it isn't bad practice to supplement an acknowledgement note with further explanation. But it should be a separate record with its own user information and timestamp (auditing). I don't think IA's journal components support displaying additional records.