Update changes in Ignition, message error Java Heap Space

Hi, I write again to you, last time I told that you. that I have problems with Java Heap Space, the memory heap space is 4 GB , I’m working with Windows Server 2008 R2 system 64 bits, with Ignition 7.5.5 (b1255), 64-bit.
Everytime I update changes in Ignition Designer , it popups this message in the project launched, also the Database disconnects frequently. I don’t have pooling every consult is in mode OFF
Connection Pooling in Database is Max Active:20, Max Idle: 20

I don’t know what can i do to give a solution to this.
Can you help me with this please?? :cry: :unamused:

Best Regards


what do you have your designer memory set to in your gateway? you can try bumping this up and see if that fixes the problem.