Update Clients for module script changes (without completely restarting)

Just looking to see if there’s a better way to force clients to update so they see new script functions added to an updated module. When I add a new function to our module and upgrade it on the gateway, clients have to completely restart in order to see the updated function.

Just making a screen/code change and publishing to trigger the client to update doesn’t do it. I have to shut down the client and restart it in order for it to see the new function.

Running 8.1.3 currently.

No, not really. How often do you expect to be updating your module in a production environment? I’d argue that’s a bad pattern - develop in a development environment, push to production when you’ve got a ‘stable’ version.


I’m not expecting it to be often for production, but when updates do happen it would be nice if clients can be updated when everything else publishes out. In some cases, we might not have the remote access necessary into clients to tell them to completely restart to get updates.

In the dev environment, it just really slows down the process to be constantly closing and re-opening. Was hoping there was some command out there or small thing to restart that would kick the changes out to clients and designers without a complete restart.

For a hack, you could try invoking system.util.retarget with the same project/gateway settings. That might be sufficient to relaunch and get updated .jars downloaded, but I’m not that confident.