Update from project to client

I have changed passwords to some usernames on gateway. But what I see if client does not apply update the old passwords still work. is their a way to make them update or from gate way shut down clients ?

If you’re just looking for a one-time manual way, go to Status->Vision Clients in gateway web interface and you can shutdown clients via More->Terminate next to each client.

Designer->Project->Properties->Client->Update Mode set to push will force updates, but may not be desirable as it will interrupt whatever the user is doing to immediately update client when you publish an update (note this will only take effect on updates after the update where this setting change is applied).

You could also use system.util.sendMessage and a client message handler script.

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This got me curious as we’ve been using push mode on updates, but as we use Ignition for more things and more people, I’ve been thinking we may need to switch to notify. If we do that, I’d like to push updates to clients when they are idle. Looks like that can be done with a slight modification to this idea (edit: see this post for solution–below trigger method doesn’t work in v7.9.9):

Added this here as it’s another approach to forcing client update–from the client end with a script checking for trigger conditions.

Thank you for the info.

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