'Update' gateway script not firing?


I’ve added a very simple update gateway script to fire when designers are saved, but it doesn’t seem to be firing. I’ve just put in a print statement (to print to wrapper log) and a Logger to print something, but neither are run, and nothing shows up in the wrapper log in terms of errors or in the Gateway Scripts log area under the Update tab either… I’m at a loss.


Printing works for me… you’re looking at a tab called “Startup” though.

This is true… Still, I’m not seeing any prints to the wrapper :frowning:

Maybe something was fixed between 8.1.5 and now… let me take a look. I have an “Update” tab that you don’t.

Well 8.1.6/7 added the tab:

Added the Project Update script to the gateway scripting section.

Not sure why it’s not working for you. Are you actually making a change to save?

Yep, made many changes :confused:
I’ll try restarting gateway

Nope, restarting didn’t fix it…

I did restore the backup from site as disabled locally, is there something I need to enable? (I re-enabled a couple of things after modifying, e.g. OPC-UA after setting to read-only and one of the Devices)

Not that I’m aware of.

Is the project you defined the script in “Runnable” (enabled and not inherited)? Is this a regular Ignition and not Edge or something?

Standard Ignition (trial mode, and running not expired) and I’ve added the gateway update script to the main, runnable, project

Project Enabled?

Derrrrr… setting to restore disabled always trips me up!

It works now. Thanks and sorry!

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