Update historian data

I’m working on a project with an enterprise architecture and our history provider is named “SplitHistory” and its type is “Tag History Splitter”. I tested the system.tag.storeTagHistory scripting function and was pleased to see that it adds data in both historian databases when I specify “SplitHistory” as the history provider parameter. The problem is that the function allows data to be added, but it doesn’t allow edits. I want to give users the ability to update data and I was hoping to find that IA had a scripting function that would allow updates so that I wouldn’t have to write SQL code to update the historian tables directly.

The function would have to determine which partition table to update based on the timestamp and it would have to execute twice - once for each database comprising the “SplitHistory” history provider. Have any of you generous contributors in the Ignition community built something like this that you are willing to share?

It doesn’t really surprise me that there is no method provided for editing historical data. Historical data is meant to record what happened editing that data defeats the purpose.

This is instead a job for a more traditional database setup. You can do this either manually using the system.db.* scripting functions or if you have the SQL Bridge module transaction groups could potentially make this possible, though I’m not sure about two data sources.