Update power table reading from database using separate popup window

I have a power table which is displaying information from a databse. I have a popup where the user can input information and then press a button to add this information to a new row in the database. Once they press Add button on the popup I want to execute the named queries, refresh the power table, then close the popup. My question is how can I refresh the power table from the pop up? I can’t access the table from the popup window.

Use system.gui.getWindow to get the window object and then root container and then component for the target table.

I tried that but its giving me an error saying the window is not currently open.

I have the popup set to open, not swap, so the original window that was used to open the popup is still visible and open.
ValueError: Window ‘X’ is not currently open.

Did you use the complete path to the window as used to open it?

That was it! Easy one to fix, thanks!