"Update" Roles with User Management Component

I want to add the user management component to one of my projects, but only allow users to edit roles for that specific project. I am able to filter the roles fine, BUT if the component edits a user with additional permissions that are filtered out, they are removed as well, basically striping the user of their permissions for other projects.

I want to use the onSaveUser method to “merge” the current roles with the newly requested roles, but I cannot seem to figure out the correct scripting to update the roles in the user before the save is completed.

Here is what I have so far… any ideas?

[code] # Get the current list of roles assigned to the user
currentRoles = system.user.getUser(’’, user.get(‘username’)).getRoles()
requestedRoles = user.getRoles()

# Remove any of the roles we care about updating from the current role list
if 'Magnet Strength User' not in requestedRoles:
	currentRoles.remove('Magnet Strength User')
if 'Magnet Strength Admin' not in requestedRoles:
	currentRoles.remove('Magnet Strength Admin')

# Extend the role list and update the user to be saved
if len(requestedRoles) > 0:
	user.roles = currentRoles[/code]

I am having the same problem on version 7.8.0. I’d love to find out if there is a solution in the works. It seems like the user object might not allow one to edit it prior to saving, and I cannot find another way in the system scripting functions to change roles.