Update Target Database for All Named Queries

Hello all,

I have an environment where there are 2 projects on a gateway, along with 2 database connections. The 2 ignition projects are the same (one is development and one is production). However, I would like to be able to test my named queries against the development database, and then quickly reassign the target database to the production.

Is there a way to update the target database for multiple Named Queries at once? I notice you can define a parameter to be the database, I just don't have a good way in mind to determine whether or not I am in the development or production environment.

Thanks in advance.

In recent versions of Ignition, NQs are stored in plain text in the file system. So that would be an option (wait five minutes for the gateway to notice your changes, by default).

But really, you should fix your setup. Do your development on a separate gateway, in an environment where all of the databases and devices it connects to (using the production DNS names) will be development versions (same names). Use trial mode in development if you don't want to pay for another gateway license.

Calling a project "development" on a production gateway doesn't make it a development environment. You are still screwing around in production and are setting yourself up for disaster.