Update the value in one Persistent Record when a value changes in a different Persistent Record

In the module I am developing we are adding a bunch of devices as well as a main configuration settings.

My configuration settings record is a singleton list that I edit from a record action form, which has a refreshrate. My device settings also have a property named refreshrate, that is currently not set to visible on my configuration page on the gateway. I would like to set the DeviceSettings.RefreshRate to always equal my ConfigurationSettings.RefreshRate.

I’m assuming I need to do something with a listener in the ModuleHook (to make changes to all instances of my DeviceSettings each time the ConfigurationSettings changes) as well as in my DeviceSettings record (in order to make my default value for refreshrate)

Does anyone know of any examples anywhere on how to go about this?


For what it is worth, I am working with Ignition 7.9

Blegh. Just don’t put it in the device settings. In the device type create method, look up the singleton and deliver that value to the device’s constructor.

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