Update to 8.0.16 Perspective Apps are auto logging out

It is not enabled in project properties. It doesn’t give a warning. I use a lot of embedded views. And bind the display prop of icons/buttons to session.props.auth.user.roles to control who gets access to what. So if I have a user that’s logged in with the role “Qa” it’ll log them out but still show some of the buttons in some of the views BUT not all of them that are bound to that prop.

session.props.auth.user.firstName must throw an exception. Because I have it in scripts in a try block and if it fails I make the variable say “Admin”. From testing in the designer. And when they are using the bound buttons to run reports. It prints "admin admin" instead of their name.

INFO   | jvm 1    | 2020/11/10 11:13:37 | W [g.WebAuthSessionImpl          ] [17:13:37]: IdP Adapter does not exist - invalidating the user project-name=CMM, idp-adapter-name=null

This is :bug:

This will fix it for the time being.