Updateable table component

It would be very helpful if I could directly change a cell in a component table and have that update the database table. I have tables that I am displaying information to the users from and they are able to update so of the fields. Currently, I have a popup window that displays the information from the table of the selected row and handles changes, but it would be much easier for the users if they could type directly into the table component.

Great idea - an editable or “Easy Table” component is scheduled in the near term roadmap. If not the next minor version then the following.

Hi Guys,
I just got assigned a project, where users pull up a db table that is partially completed, and they fill in missing fields. I would prefer to do this project in FPMI, and an “easy table” like this one would make this really easy to do. Any idea of a time line for this enhancement? Just wondering if it would be feasible for me to wait.


The table component now supports editing. This was introduced inFactoryPMI 3.3.0.