Updated OEE Downtime 2.0 Tutorial Videos for Ignition 8.0


Is there an updated MES 2.0 video tutorials targeting Ignition 8.0? I was watching the OEE Downtime video tutorials but they’re all using the old Ignition Designer. It would be great if the videos start from scratch rather than having a predefined Material List for example when using the OEE Material Manager. Similar with the OEE Equipment Manager where it has already the Production Model pre-loaded in the control.

Appreciate to be directed to a link/url of those videos or documentations. Thank you.


I know Sepasoft is currently working on creating the OEE objects for perspective. I’m not sure if they are going to update all of the videos at the same time or not.
You can search the KB to see if there is anything that helps.

Thanks Nathan. I’ll look into that KB.