Updated values in alarm emails

hey guys,
I have a expression tag that checks if a integer tag is 2x the value of a target tag or more and if it is, the expression tag turns to a 1 and that triggers an alarm. I also have the count tag as an associated data added to the alarm profile, I use that in the email message I sent out using a pipeline I’ve made, Basically first step is to send an email in the pipeline, then wait 10 min and if alarm still active send another email and keep going till alarm goes away. Well my issue is in the email messages the count tag I have never changes(from the original count that triggered the alarm), so say if the count is at 20 and target is 10 email is sent and if 10 min later count is 30 now another email gets sent out but still shows count of 20 in the email not 30, I wasn’t sure if it has something to do with the alarm pipeline and the fact that the new count value doesn’t gets passed in there for some reason and only the original count gets looked at.
Any ideas?
Thank you

Once the pipeline is triggered, the state values that lead to the alarm are not re-evaluated. Use a binding in the email message to read the actual value of the tag(s) required.

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duhh… :sob:
I made that whole thing a lot more complicated that it was…
Thanks for that tap in the back of the head lol!!

Hey @PGriffith just out of curiosity, can you access a tag value inside of the alarm pipeline not only when the alarm was enabled but also while the alarm is enabled be able to look at the live tag value?