Updating a project with new xml created in another program


I did a code that create some XML files that can be imported in Ignition and is setting up some transaction groups to do OPC to DB and DB to OPC.

The thing is that when I create the XML, I need to open Ignition and import them manually.

I was wondering if it would be possible to automatically update the project with my new xml files?

If not I could create a .proj and put it in a specific folder then when a new .proj is created, I retarget to that new and updated .proj?

I hope it is clear enough,


I think that I understand what you have been saying, and need to preface this with: The forums are not the same as SUPPORT- which you can also access ( PTurmel reminded me about this, and you may want to look at the Support Policies first ). That said, someone else here on the forums was looking to import an older MS formated XML database. The answer he received was that there are Ignition-specific headers which can be picked up by doing a native EXPORT or a sample file first, moving the data into that XML formatted area ( I use the word Matrix, because it is usually two dimensional ), then bringing it back in. Memory constraints may apply, Your mileage from this may vary, etc.
By the way, which DB and OPC-UA or OPC-COM?

This might give you a clue:
The reason for it is this: 1. A comma separated spreadsheet is like two dimensional data that can also be expressed in XML format. 2. The described system scripts may give you a clue as to whether or not this was built in.
As an aside, I have ‘noted’* that the Notepad++ ( GNU / GPL license ) editor can be used to manipulate XML data and is more user-friendly than some other ‘Pads’.*Unintentional Pun.

Hi @jlivingston,

Thanks for the reply.

Actually, what I am looking to do is to automatically do the import of the new XML files.

At the moment, I create the XML for some transaction groups and then import them myself into Ignition by right cliking in the transaction groups and doing import XML, but I am looking at a way to actually add the trasactions groups automatically when the XML is created, instead of needing to open Ignition, then right clikcing and doing the import in the project. :slight_smile:

Have you tried system.groups.loadFromFile() ?


WOW!! @pturmel

Thank you very much! That and [system.tag.loadFromFile] will probably do the trick !