Updating an existing embedded svg

Is there a way to "update" a SVG that is imported as an embedded image? Or does everbody delete the svg and re-import a new one?

I gather you have to re-import. If that the case you need to go through and recreate any bindings to the elements in the SVG. That isn't efficient and it appears people script to interact with the SVG elements?

I'm struggling with the paradigm shift of moving to perspective. I'm used to a more traditional visualization application where you drill down to an element and the animate it. Seems there is a whole in the free training to accomplish this fundamental task. I'm sitting on an unfriendly part of the learning curve..

I edit and reimport.

I don't typically use bindings for an SVG. I will use scripts. I also use a hybrid of SVG and overlay perspective components or views.

Drawing tools are coming soon, but that obviously doesn't make it better in the meantime.

It is nice to know that I'm at least somewhat on the correct track. Would you be able to share a very simple example of the script? Is it a gateway script?

I'm working on a hybrid as well. Using SVG for a base process diagram and then dropping components onto it.

I have found no way to do this.

I have done enough with SVG's that I edit embedded SVG's in place.

Here's an example.

For some info on the SVG syntax, the Pocket Guide to Writing SVG is a great resource.