Updating cells in a Power Table

Hi Everyone!

Looking for a best practice here… I have an onCellEdited script running behind a power table. This script updates a database table. Unfortunately if I click a cell, and then click another cell without entering a number, the script will run and it inserts. Is there a good block for this that anyone has used?

Can you use event.oldValue and event.newValue to look for a difference?

I’m not in front of my development machine to check for you. Sorry… :frowning:

Yeah. That kinda works for some.

What happens though is that you can also click on a NULL cell and it updates it with a 0…

Sometimes they may want to do this, so I can’t filter for that specific situation.


Yes it does work.

I was printing them out and it looks like it converted it to a 0 after the inital newVAlue != oldValue check so I think this should work.