Updating Current Time Tag

I feel like this is really easy but I can’t quite get it on Ignition 8.0. What I am trying to do is create a memory tag that just updates the current time. I know the System current minute tag is available but I want the value to be on a memory tag so I can create a script on the memory tag. The function I used in 7.9.10 is dateFormat(now(), “h:mm:ss a”) and I scripted that on the expression part of the tag but where would I be able to add an expression on the tag for 8.0 to accomplish the same thing? How can I bind the value of the tag to be the current time/minute that updates every second?

I had some odd behavior when I copy pasted it from the forum, I’m wondering if I grabbed an extra space or something, but the below option should work.

dateFormat(now(100), 'hh:mm:ss a')



If your code had curly quotes in it (“”)like the ones in your post, these would prevent it from working. Expressions must use single or double straight quotes (' or ").

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If you open the Tag Editor for the tag and set the Value Source to Expression (or just create an Expression tag) instead of memory, you can then put dateFormat(now(1000),"h:mm:ss a") where it says Expression.