Updating dataset?

From one screen I have an open and center popup screen where it sends over a 1 row by 14 column data set. This dataset is stored in the Root Container. What I am trying to do is figure out how to update one of the values in the dataset.

So far this is what I have tried:

fpmi.dataset.updateRow( {in here i have the event.parent line that points to the dataset in the root container}, 0, “prod_STD”:value)

If I change the zero in the middle of the list of variable to a 1 I get an index out of bound error which I would expect. SO I must have most of the statement correct just not sure why when it runs it does not update the dataset it points to. Any suggestions??

Thanks and have a great day.

The ‘changes’ part of the function needs to be a python dictionary so you need to add {} around it. It should look something like this:

report = event.source.parent.getComponent("Report") changes = {"Equipment":"filler", "UserID":23, "Duration":29.2} report.data = system.dataset.updateRow(report.data, 89, changes)orevent.source.parent.myData = system.dataset.updateRow(event.source.parent.myData, 0, {"Duration":29.2})
We are working on adding examples for all of the built-in functions to the new help files. This one (among many others) will make it into 7.0.9.