Updating downtime tables in Ignition_Runtime and Ignition_Analysis from shared script questions

I am trying to update Ignition_Analysis.Downtime_Detail and Ignition_Runtime.Downtime from a shared script.

I am able to create the commands, my question is how bad of an idea this is. We have end users who want to be able to update maintenance downtime events from a window with a drop down (not clicking on the downtime table in the line overview).

I wanted to exactly mimic the behavior as when you click the downtime table and select a different downtime event, but can’t seem to find the code.

The columns I’m looking at updating specifically are ReasonCode (to the new downtime event id which will be in the downtime table) and reason description (again, to match the description from the downtime reasons in the production model).

If I do this in both the runtime downtime table and the analysis downtime detail table will I be introducing problems I’m not aware of?