Updating Ignition on an already installed computer

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I have been developing a project for a client on perspective. Right now, and for quick-testing purposes I have been using the trial version:

But next week, I have to install this new project on the client computer and buy/activate the new license. The thing is, my client has an already running and licensed setup on Ignition (the app is only one vision window with some OPC UA communication with a PLC):

I would like to know what steps should be made to succesfully upgrade to the newest Ignition platform and modules versions without losing the functioning of the actual Vision setup. Of course, the funcioning would be interrupted as long as the upgrade.

Please help!!

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First, take a gateway backup of the other setup as a precaution.

Then all you should need to do is run the installer. It knows when Ignition is already installed and does an upgrade.

What Kevin said, but also note that upgrades from 8.0.x to 8.1.y are not free unless the client has a current support contract with IA. You might want them to confirm this with their sales agent.

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Thanks @Kevin.Herron @pturmel ,

I think that first we are going to buy the license and then proceed with the installation.

It is still not clear to me “that upgrades from 8.0.x to 8.1.y are not free unless the client has a current support contract with IA”. If we buy a new license and then install the latest ignition version, wouldn´t it be ok for the actual vision project that is running?

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You can do that, but you are then dropping the value of the original license on the floor. Even re-establishing support is almost certainly much cheaper than buying a new license. (You can’t buy a new license for just part of the server–the entire server will have to be upgraded.)

I strongly recommend discussing your plan with your customer and IA sales to avoid a catastrophic license mismatch during upgrade.

Just for reference, the cost of this is 65% of the original license cost. So upgrade the old one, then bolt on any new modules you need.

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Thanks guys! Everything clear now!