Updating Java 5 to 7 in FactoryPMI 1.8.6 Fails

After restoring a backup of FactoryPMI 1.8.6 on my Win7x64 box, I started gateway and my restored projects display above a message that Java needs to be updated. I used the link provided in red popup at bottom of browser screen and downloaded J2SE 7 R67 which it recommends.

I selected the FactoryPMI\java folder for the updates destination and after reboot gateway will not start. I checked regedt and install dir shows FactoryPMI/java. From command propt “java -version” works fine and shows 1.7.0_67 as version which is what I installed.

I removed all versions of Java including the files in the FactoryPMI\java directory and reinstalled to that directory, same result. Apparently the C:\ProgramData dir had symbolic links to the default path for Java 7 install C:\Program Files(x86)\Java\jre7 removed them and clean installed java, same result.

Removed FactoryPMI, restored backup and verified running JSE5 and gateway and projects working, shut down all processes and installed from Oracle Java Updater JSE7r67 to FactoryPMI\java dir, same result.

What is the proper procedure for upgrading the java installed with FactoryPMI 1.8.6 to J2SE 7 or 8?

You can’t use Java 7 or 8 with FactoryPMI; you need to stay at Java 5 or 6.

Ok, Is there a procedure for updating the JVM? My gateway config works even with Java 7 installed as its still using javaw.exe from the FPMI\java\bin folder I see.

How do I install 6? On top of 5? or remove 5 then install 6 into same folder or separate one and then update what files in FPMI to load java from new install dir… I tried setting JAVA_HOME and JRE_HOME, no dice :wink:

I am trying to update a legacy project running FPMI 1.8.6 in a series of steps to get the scripts and some code and logic into the new version of Ignition 7.7 I hope :wink:

Our company has support plan, so I need help getting this conversion done to update our clients last remaining dinosaur machine software…

Sorry for the musings…

Tried uninstalling everything and redoing from scratch. I installed FPMI 1.8.6 in C:\FactoryPMI and FactorySQL into C:\FactorySQL directories. I then installed MS SQL Server 2008. I rebooted and then verified that gateway loads and configuration comes up. Projects fail due to needing Java Updated.

Disabled javaUpdate applet and selected allow for IE Security popup about website wants to open content using an outdated program and Java small “Loading…” Logo appears for awhile then disappears and no applet is launched.

I stopped all Factory services and all javaw.exe processes. Uninstalled Sun 5r6, Installed Oracle J2SE 6r45 into C:\FactoryPMI\java and gateway does not load service at all.

I went back to snapshot of PMI/SQL/MSSQL installed and in C:\FactoryPMI\java\bin checked for “java -version” in cmd prompt and got: 1.5.0_06-b05 for J2RE and Hotspot VM.

Is the java\bin dir under FactoryPMI hardcoded? I can find no configuration file or environment var which is set for it?

The original project is currently running and working on FPMI 1.8.6 & FSQL 2.3.5 on a Win 2003 Server using MS SQL 2005 DB.

I am trying the project reconfiguration on a Win7x64 VM session. I could try a MS Server 2008 x32 VM session?

Do you think the x64 platform may have issues with FPMI .dll files which may need x32 OS only to run?

I have to find a way to get the projects trying to run before I can upgrade FPMI to 1.8.7 or 2.0.0_05 which I got from clients machine, then on to 3.3.4 which is version downloadable from IA legacy FPMI page.

I would like to know what pairing of FPMI and FSQL works best for upgrading. I have SQL 2.3.5 and 2.3.8 only. Can I have access to a version between 2.3.8 and 4.2.13 if needed for incremental update?

Let me know what you all think…

If memory serves, 64-bit support didn’t happen in FSQL until 4.1 (or something like that). Running in a 32-bit VM may help your issue.

This topic talks about connection from FSQL to MS SQL Server 2008.

Well, I did a fresh VM with Win7Pro x32 and installed FPMI 1.8.6 and FSQL 2.3.5 on it. I installed everything into default paths. I then copied over my backup of the db folder in FPMI and can see my projects. I still got the popup from Java Detector Applet, so I unchecked the setting on configuration system settings page. I tried to launch a project on web start page and I got the IE Security popup about out of date java. I hit allow and it launched to main window. So it works with Java 1.5.0_06, which is default version for 1.8.6 bundle.

What would be the next step to upgrade to Ignition 7.7? Should I Install a newer FPMI? I have 1.8.7, 2.0.0_05 and 3.3.4 bundle to go to.

I wanted to try to update the java in 1.8.6 and cannot find a way to do so. What is the highest version of java tested on 1.8.6? I thought maybe there was an issue with the upgrade from Sun 1.5 opposed to the Oracle 1.6 and did install of last version of Sun 1.5.0_22 to default directory and did a restart of the services and tried to run a project. Nothing changed, the launch still showed same warnings. I even put in environment vars for JAVA_HOME and JRE_HOME, no change. FPMI is not looking for a JAVA_HOME or JRE_HOME environment var apparently. I copied the C:\Program Files\Java\jre1.5.0_22 folder over the “C:\Program Files\Inductive Automation\FactoryPMI\java” folder and now the web start launch will not work, but the applet launch still does?

Can I put a symbolic link where the java folder is under FactoryPMI folder which points to a newer version of Java on the system? Is it not possible to update java in FactoryPMI?

I know these warnings about Java are platform dependent and using IE 11 is what is causing security warnings.

I await your response in earnest…

[quote=“JordanCClark”]If memory serves, 64-bit support didn’t happen in FSQL until 4.1 (or something like that). Running in a 32-bit VM may help your issue.

This topic talks about connection from FSQL to MS SQL Server 2008.[/quote]

Thanks Jordan, I will check that out since I cant upgrade the java, I should make sure the project db is working correctly before upgrading anyway. :wink:

I gave up on 1.8.6, it is outdated and has no defined use of Java except its own internal process.

I installed the 3.3.4 version which is still in Legacy area of the website and now it complains the Java WHICH COMES WITH IT is out of date. I tried to update Java to at least rev 12 as it states here in the forums

inductiveautomation.com/for … 244#p15244

But it fails due to something I am not doing right apparently. I am getting really disgusted with amount of wasted time I have put forth on this seemingly simplest of issues. Is this an issue with Sun vs Oracle install paths? What am I missing here…Someone please tell me:

What are the SPECIFIC steps and in what directory do I install ANY java update on ANY platform which the FactoryPMI 3.3.4 software will see and use properly? What do I need to change in the FactoryPMI settings or registry keys to make it see the installed update of Java?

Running Windows Server 2008 R2 x64
Running Windows SQL Server 2008
Running FactoryPMI 3.3.4 Bundle

(This machine setup has been verified as workable and running on a box on our blade server which had jre 1.6.0_04 32-bit from bundle updated to 1.6.0_12 64-bit version and I am trying to recreate same on a local machine for portability.)

FactoryPMI has a registry entry which points to the version of Java that you want it to use. Here is a post outlining how to change the java version: inductiveautomation.com/for … =3747&f=25

I think most of your trouble is that you’re thinking that all of these java out-of-date warnings are coming from us. They’re not. They’re coming from your browser and/or java itself. Just try and ignore them to continue on.

Once you get your system booted up in a FactoryPMI 3.3.4 gateway, you should be able to make a gateway backup from there, and then import that into Ignition 7.7.1 using the legacy upgrade panel.

Restoring FactoryPMI gateway to Ignition 7.7? That is amazing! I’m curious how you accomplished that and how hard it was to get that to work.

Thank you Carl,

I knew the browser complaining about Java was not really the issue and I guess I did not really know which popup was coming from which software. Your post was very helpful and even though the link to the other article did not exactly fit due to x64 java installing into the Program Files folder without a client subfolder for jvm.dll file. The running server I had as a remote example is running with the jvm.dll from 1.6.0_04 out of the Program Files\java\jre1.6.0_04\bin\client directory and not able to use the registry key HKLM\SOFTWARE\JavaSoft\Java Runtime Environment\1.6.0_24\RuntimeLib which points to C:\Program Files\Java\jre6\bin\client\jvm.dll which is not present on my local machine after installing r24 into default directory. I have instead only the file C:\Program Files\Java\jre6\bin\server\jvm.dll which when placed into the service registry key for JVM Library yields a popup on service start stating “The FactoryPMI service started on FPMI started and then stopped.”

I am able to finally grasp that the problem is the 32 vs 64 bit java install. I did get confirmation from Paul Scott in a email he sent me that 3.3.4 only seems to like r12-r18 32-bit versions of Java (which are still Sun versions btw), so FPMI must apparently use only 32-bit versions.

Thanx again :thumb_right: