Updating Maker Edition on a RPi

I recall seeing a post on the steps to update the current version of Maker on a Raspberry Pi, however, now I cannot seem to locate the information. Is there a method to upgrade from 8.1.X to latest without a complete reinstall ?

Hmm, I thought the upgrade instructions for the zip-based packages have always been, essentially, a re-install.

Download a gateway backup, unzip the new version somewhere, chmod +x the shell scripts and executables, start it up again and restore your backup.

At some point (or possibly still) there may have been directions that instructed you to unzip over the existing install… but this isn’t a good idea, because it doesn’t remove things like files with versions in their name or that were removed all together.

thanks Kevin, it was in the readme.

Huh, sure is. And more thorough than my rough overview.