Updating project copy on gateway

Hello everyone, I’m back with another question. Solutions to my previous ones are all still working BTW.

I have several projects getting information from a new database. That changed some queries, some formats, and some variables in custom properties go away too, so the list of “little things” to change became rather long in the test copies.

Is there a downside to renaming the live copy with an “Old” prefix on the gateway, and removing the “Test” prefix from the new one to make it live instead of trying to retrace updates?

If so, and if something fails when the Test goes live, can I easily bring back the Old one, and resume testing on the new the same way?

Thank you!

Yikes; it thought this was an easy one. No replies, does that mean it’s so obvious that nobody needed to reply or so foolish that nobody dared engage such conversation?

It seems like it should work, but I’ve found myself eating those words before! :upside_down_face:

This seems okay to me :man_shrugging:

Just make sure you realize things like DB connections, Tag Providers, tags themselves and any alarms or event scripts, are all global resource and not part of any project (not an exhaustive list).

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Thank you Kevin!

Yes, I was aware of the global resources you noted - though I’m sure there are things I wouldn’t have thought of either. I’ll give it a try, and post the results.

So far so good. One down: so far working well. There are some small formatting details (like a reversed name concatenation) I’d overlooked when testing in designer, but so far I see nothing worth going back. Sure was glad to know that I could have though.

Thanks again!

The second one I updated yesterday did have to go back for a while. It was again essentially formatting details that my testing didn’t predict, but in this case it left data missing with certain combinations, so I didn’t want to miss too much while sleuthing. Definitely was happy that I had the old one ready to temporarily revert in.