Updating tags in Ignition indirectly!


We have an ignition project, which pulls the tag data from devices and loads them into SQL server in periodical intervals. And we have a .net application, which pulls the data from the SQL server and displays data in front end.

Now, our requirement is to update certain tags in ignition, from the .net application. Please let us know the ways to update tags in ignition indirectly (not from ignition application).

Thanks in advance.


Ignition is written in java. .Net uses the Common Runtime environment. Therefore, there is no .Net library that talks to the core of Ignition. I suspect your simplest solution would be to write a microservice using the webdev module that exposes the tag targets and operations you need. Or write a servlet with the desired functionality in a custom module.

Also, you can use bi-directional groups (Transaction Groups), if you have the SQLBridge module.

Another way, is moving those tags to a external tag provider. More info about this here and here.

I personally prefer the pturmel suggestion, but I add this info, because maybe you want a more “graphical” way for achieve this (bi-directional groups, for example).