Upgrade 7.8.2 -> 7.9.9. What to think of before

Hi, i am going to a customer next week monday and tuesday to make some updates on their ignition.
I have read ealier somewhere that the database structured changed somewhere between the version 7.8.2 my customer has installed right now, and the 7.9.9.

Is there some precautions i should take so i could revert changes if it does not go well?

Not really, just make sure you have a complete gateway backup before making the upgrade.

If you use MySQL be aware there is an issue with 7.9.9 which means you have to add a time zone string to the database connection’s extra connections property e.g.


You can also add this to the driver default connection properties but this will only work for new connections, not existing connections.

Consider upgrading to v7.8.5 first, to get the backup into the new internal DB format. Back that up and use in v7.9. The biggest thing you’ll have to check is project security in v7.9.4+. You will certainly have to enable legacy access until you have a chance to convert your app to named queries.

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I use MySQL and have upgraded to 7.9.9. I haven’t seen any db problems without adding the Timzone property?

We installed Ignition 7.9.9 on a new machine with MySQL 5.7.24 and ran into this problem with every Connector/J we tried. Inductive Automation have acknowledged this is an issue and say it will be fixed in 7.9.11.

Interesting. I believe we are currently running on 6.3.9 build in MySQL.

Are you sure that’s not the version of Workbench? MySQL recently went from 5.7 to 8.0.

Ah, yes you are correct. That was the workbench version. I currently have 5.5.45 of MySQL Server

On an upgrade, legacy permissions should be enabled - only “fresh” projects created after 7.9.4 will default to disabled.

If you start from a fresh install, this would be necessary (dependent on the server settings; the new JDBC driver added for MySQL 8+ compatibility is stricter about server settings than the previous driver), but a restored .gwbk should overwrite the base installation’s JDBC drivers with whatever was in use when the backup was created. As you mentioned, though, a fix for the timestamp problem is going into 7.9.11.


Hi, do i remember licensing correct that the license my customer has with 7.8.2 also works for 7.9.9 etc as long it is 7.x.x?

Downloading the 7.8.5 version atm to do the upgrade and later to put in 7.9.9.

No, 7.8.x. If you are under support, upgrade protection will allow you to step up to 7.9, but you’ll need help from your sales contact to update the license on the IA side, then update on the gateway.