Upgrade from 7.2.11 to 7.6.6

It looks like I’ll finally be able to upgrade, after much begging, cajoling, weeping, gnashing of teeth…

So, in happy anticipation, I set up an Ubuntu VM with 7.6.6 on it. A couple of oddisms here and there, but it’s up and going.

BUT, trying to import a backup from the 7.2 gateway gives me this:

At this point I’m assuming that things are so far apart between the two versions that it’s not recognizing the style of the backup.

What would be the best migration path to get from here to there? A jump direct from a 7.2 install to 7.6? Perhaps an intermediate version, say, 7.4?

That’s strange, there shouldn’t be a problem. I’ll do a quick sanity check and get back to you.

If you feel like being proactive, one thing you could try (which is essentially all you would be doing if this upgrade screen worked):

  1. Stop the 7.6 gateway.
  2. Replace the contents of “{InstallDir}\data\db” with the contents of that directory in 7.2 (besides the autobackups folder, which isn’t necessary)
  3. Start 7.6

Any upgrade procedures are performed by the internal db system on startup, not as part of the backup/restore system.


Ok, Solved it.

The key to the issue is I’m trying to migrate from 7.2 on a Windows install to 7.6 on a Linux install. What gave me that piece of the puzzle was KB Article 136, where there was incompatibility between the Win and Linux installs’ directory structure. It was just worse in my case because I couldn’t even import the backup.

So, my endgame scenario was to make a Win7 VM with 7.6 installed. The import from 7.2 went ok. Backed up the Win7 VM gateway and imported the resulting file into the Ubuntu VM. Perfect! Now I can go through and start tweaking my projects, so that when my project money finally comes through, It should be a much quieter transition. At least, that’s the plan… :laughing: