Upgrade from 7.8.1


I want to do an upgrade to version 7.9.0. from current version 7.8.1 64 bits.
When I run the installer i got the following message:


Important Notice: the upgrader detected a platform version change.

If you have not updated the license before running this upgrade, currently installed modules will return to trial mode. To prevent any loss of service, please contact your account manager before completing this upgrade. Would you like to continue the upgrade?

Yes No

I contacted my support organisation and they told me to Update the license on the gateway.
This I did and I got the message there it was succesful.
However when I run the installer again I still get the same message.
Is this just a standard warning, which I can ignore since I succesfully updated the license, or is the license
still not right for version 7.9.0. I don’t want to risk running the application in trial mode in the production environment.

You have to look at the version numbers in your license status page for each module, comparing that against the version numbers in a new 7.9.x install. The license system in 7.8.x is only checking version numbers against itself, not later versions.

Okay that shouldn’t be a problem sicne you can download the compatible version of the module if thats an issue. Right? (I assume that one will be licensed automatically and no further action regardign licenseing of the specific module needs to be done anymore)

No, most modules’ versions must match the platform. You can’t use IA’s 7.8.x modules with 7.9.x. You should contact your salesperson to have your license validity for 7.9.x verified. If you are still in support, they’ll fix if it necessary.

Note – it recently became possible, with 7.7.8+, 7.8.3+, and 7.9+, to create single module files that are valid for multiple platform versions. I do this for my current showcase modules, and other module developers might, but IA does not.