Upgrade from 8.1.21 to 8.1.30 login problems

I recently upgrade my gateway form 8.1.21 to 8.1.30 using the zip file method.
I am experiencing a very weird behavior where If I need to log in when launch a vision client, I must boom click login very fast for the system accepts my credentials.

Some other information.

-Im using a database as user source. it is a sqlserver 2019 database.

-At each upgrade I modify the java.security file to allow tls 1.0 and tls 1.1 for the sqlserver to connect to ignition, this is a common change I must do when upgrading ignition.

Does anyone has experience same issue?

Hello @mvenegas,

This looks like an issue support would be best suited to help you with, it looks like you already have a ticket open with them, and it appears the issue was pertaining to schedule restrictions that were preventing login. If you have any high level questions, feel free to ask here.

Thank you, Austin.

Yes, I received help from support. It was indeed an issue with schedule restrictions. I closed the ticket because the system is working, and I don't need the restrictions for the time being. I will test creating new schedules to see if this solves it when I get some more time with the gateway