Upgrade from AB 1756-L63 v20 to 1756-L72 v24. ignition tags path invalid

I have an L63 i need to change for an L72 and upgrade to v24 to be able to use a couple of Kinetix drive. when i do the upgrade in the PLC i went to do the same on the Ignition gateway. i have 7.9.13 . gateways does not allow an upgrade so i believe i have to delete and do a new one with the L72. I did this on a backup gateway and when i was connected non of my current tags can be read in ignition.

this would be the L63 current tag path that i have working


but when i went into the L72 OPC server and created a tag from there the path is

ns=1;s=[syrup]N14.N14[36].14 ( no global) global are controller tags.

so i can either export all the tag replace and then import which is not ideal. or if there is a better way in Ignition that i don’t know. please help me out.

I thought this would a simple thing, maybe prefix in the gateway tag or something, since I guess upgrading a PLC in a plant is something normal for everyone and I really does not make sense that this not an Auto option. but I couldn’t find anything at all. any help will be appreciated.


The legacy ControlLogix and CompactLogix drivers use a significantly different syntax than the v21+ driver. The global namespace prefix must be eliminated, and all arrays and structured datatypes must have the double naming removed (including nested arrays/types). A tag export/regex replacement/tag import is the only efficient way to fix these.

thank you Phil

what exactly do you mean by double naming remove. ?

Look at your example: N14.N14[36] needs to become just N14[36]. Go back and drag a few more examples.