Upgrade Ignition V7.3 to V7.8.2

Hi All, I am just starting a project to upgrade ignition V7.3 to V7.8.2. Has anyone any experience doing this and have you came across any issues during the process? Main functions used were graphics (templates), Audit trail, some reporting. There was no tag historian used as far as I’m aware. Current system uses MySQL.

Any help much appreciated.

I can’t think of any particular problems, but there are a number of internal upgrades that will happen, on top of switching the internal db system, which might result in some unforeseen issues.

It wouldn’t be very hard to test the upgrade procedure on a different machine first, so I’d probably recommend that. Just download and install 7.8.2 on a different machine. Stop the service, and then grab the settings.* files from “{InstallDir}/data/db” on the 7.3 gateway. Put them in the same place on 7.8.2 (deleting config.idb, if there), and start the gateway up.

When it’s started, look at logs/wrapper.log in a text editor. Are there any big, scary looking errors? If so, you can post the file here or contact support to see what they might be related to. If not, everything should be fine.

In terms of backwards compatibility, it is always our intention that everything work. So, if you run into an issue, in the worst case we may just need to get your 7.3 file and convert it here, to see what needs to be fixed.