Upgrade Issues 7.9.12 to 7.9.14

I’m just upgrading a project from version 7.9.12 to 7.9.14 and I’m facing the following 2 problems:

  1. one page is populated with a Template repeater. Inside each single template variables are assigned to components through Indirect addressing. 7.9.12 is running without problems, whereas 7.9.14 raises the following exception whenever I enter the page:
    one exception for each item in the repeater.
  2. one page has a Template canvas. Each template background in the template canvas is colored based on an Expression binding such as

sourceID is a Custom property which is passed to the template canvas as follows
Again: 7.9.12 is working as expected, whereas 7.9.14 is raising the following exception:

Any suggestion?

Thanks in advance, regards

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Thanks jpark for pointing me to your post: it seems you incurred just my same issue. I think I’ll have to stay with 7.9.12 then.

Posted a workaround here