Upgrade path for 7.9 to 8.0

What is the proper upgrade path to take a 7.9 project and move it to 8?
a) Install 8 on a clean machine and restore 7.9 GWBK to it?
b) Install 7.9 on a clean machine, restore 7.9 GWBK to that, then install V8 over the existing GW?
c) None of the above?


To get any possible confusion out of the way: if you’re inquiring about getting a 7.9.X Vision project and moving it to a 8.0 Perspective project - this action can not be done in any way. Please refer to this previous post for clarification. If you’re simply inquiring about a Vision project, read on…

If you want to experiment with an existing Vision project during the Beta period, then install 7.9 on a clean machine, import your project, then upgrade to the Beta. This way you have a working Beta build deployed with a Vision project you can experiment with, but your existing (deployed/production) Vision projects are not at risk to any issues discovered during the Beta.

If you want to start a new Vision or Perspective project, then just install the Beta onto a clean machine and go ahead and get started.

Keep in mind that restoring a Gateway Backup and using it with the Beta builds puts any Databases and other Gateway-centric settings (Gateway Networks, Tag Providers, etc) at risk during the Beta.

Just to add… option “a” and “b” should both work, if they don’t there’s a problem.

I am working some testing of option b. And yes, I am just trying to get my really big Vision project into V8 so that I can try (manual) replication of those screens with Perspective, bit by bit.

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