Upgrade problem

I’m having problem when upgrade version 7.5.4 over 7.2.9
after install new version I can not connect with ignition.
I unisntall version 7.2.9 e install 7.5.4 but problem remains.


Does Ignition startup okay? Can you see the Ignition Gateway webpage?


I can not start ignition and open webpage.
To restar aplication I uninstall version 7.5 e install version 7.2
I using win XP.

By chance, was your Ignition Gateway service set up to log on using a specific account user/password? I don’t think that information would’ve carried over in a 7.2->7.5 upgrade, so that might be one problem.

If not, what does the wrapper.log (in the “log” folder of your Ignition installation, usually C:\Program Files\Inductive Automation\Ignition) say when you try to start the Ignition Gateway service?

Attched files logs

wrapper.log (4.77 MB)

There is something wrong with our installer that doesn’t properly delete/recreate the Windows service during an upgrade from 7.2. Hopefully we’ll get this fixed before the 7.5.4 stable release, we’ll keep you updated.

This upgrade bug has been fixed for 7.5.4.

I did download versio 7.5.4, but problem remains.
Now the license too expired.
Attached log failure.

gcu.log (384 Bytes)

Ok, let’s try something. Uninstall the version of Ignition you have right now. Make sure the Windows service is removed. Install a clean Ignition 7.5.4 and let me know if it starts up. It should start up just fine. If not send me the wrapper.log.

I should’ve been more clear - I meant 7.5.4 stable release, which hopefully will come out today.