Upgrade to 7.5.3 SQLtags corrupted

I upgraded my customer’s Ignition installation to 7.5.2 from 7.3.7 sometime in September and then to 7.5.3 from 7.5.2 last week. I just noticed that some of my SQL tag folders have been corrupted (I don’t know when this occurred.). The folders are showing as tags with data type int4. The actual tags that are within these folders are still working on screen but I obviously can’t open the folder.

If I export the tag data and look at it I can see that the TagType is 0 instead of 6. However, the underlying data is not visible in the export. Can I safely change the TagType back to 6 to get my folders and underlying data back?

Are you saying that in the export, you can’t see any entries that look like the tags that aren’t visible? Would it be possible to upload the sqltags export (or email to support@inductiveautomation.com) so we could take a look?

I would recommend keep an untouched version of this export around just for safety, but you can go ahead and change the tag type in the export and see if that helps.

That is correct, the underlying tags are not visible. I have tried opening an older gateway backup but 7.5.3 seems to corrupt it. I will send you the export file.

Where in the gateway backup would I find this data?

I installed 7.3.8 on another machine and then restored an old backup from late August that I made. When I looked at the SQL tags the corruption was gone. So, I think it is 7.5 that is corrupting the SQL tags. I have exported the tags for your review. Perhaps you could tell me what it is about these tags that is causing the upgrade to trash the tags.

It looks like this topic may have been transitioned over to support email, I’ll post up any resolution we come to for future users.

The problem turned out to be multiple definitions for a few of the folder tags- defined both as a folder and an opc tag at the same time. The tags were being loaded as “opc”, so all sub tags were not being displayed properly.

It’s not clear how this happened, but deleting the opc tag definition from the internal db seemed to fix the problem. There certainly was a change between 7.3 and 7.5 to how tag paths work for folders, so perhaps that’s why the behavior was different between the two.