Upgrade to 7.9.15 issues

Just upgraded a project from 7.9.8 to 7.9.15 and we are losing data logging every 4 hours or so. Nothing in the logs to suggest any errors or problems. Looks like we are also losing info on the status page around device and database connections
Have upgraded java to the latest and still no changes.

7.9.15 was pulled from the website Friday afternoon because of a critical store and forward issue. 7.9.16 should be available sometime tomorrow with just that fix on top of 7.9.15.

7.9.16 is now available on the website.

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Awesome thank you. Does this also fix the issues seen with the device comms? Tags seem to show up as normal but writing to them did not work, or throw any errors in the gateway

If you’re referring to a tag write issue you think was introduced in 7.9.15, no. This fix is strictly related to Store & Forward.

we also met an expression tag issue in 7.9.15 , expression tag always not update after some time,after restart ignition services,they worked but will go wrong again and again.

Has the expression tag issue been looked into?
I need to update a gateway but don’t want to introduce a new issue to fix an old issue.

I’m unsure what issue the other user is referring to - I don’t see any open support tickets regarding such an issue from that user/company, nor any open issues in our bug tracking system about an expression tag issue.

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