Upgrade version 7.9 to 8

Hello, what happens is that I need to update the version of igntion but I have projects in version 7.9 and I have doubts if these can continue to work when I install the new power-on version, there is some component that has changed in its operation.

Sorry about my English.

You could always use a different Gateway which is running 8.0, export your 7.9 Gateway and import it into the 8.0 Gateway, and then verify your projects there before upgrading. Be aware that having both Gateways running could lead to multiple projects writing to configured Databases; you might want to consider the “import as disabled” option.


thanks for your help. :love_you_gesture:

I recommend upgrading to version closer to 8.0, such as the latest 7.xx version.

Then upgrade from there.

Also, there are quite a lot of changes from the latest 7 to 8. Make sure you do thorough testing of all your projects.

Best of luck!