Upgraded Application AtomicTag error

I have a backup of an old Ignition project (and gateway) which was running on a PC that died. The version of ignition that was running is unknown, but we know it was installed 10 years ago. I’m planning to replace the PC with a new Windows 10 PC and Ignition v8.0.12.

Upon restoring the gateway and importing the project backup I have, I’ve encountered a tag error I’m not familiar with. As you can see below. The tags in the “Default” provider are showing as type “AtomicTag” and are all in an error state. The folders all say Quality: Good, but when you drill down they too are AtomicTags in error.

Here’s the tag diagnostics…

Any idea what I can do to resolve this issue?


“Error_Configuration” is the catch-all that means Ignition doesn’t understand your tag’s parameters. Show the complete tag config.