Upgraded from 8.0.3 to 8.0.4 and now recieving missing views errors

Hi, I recently upgraded my gateway from 8.0.3rc2 to 8.0.4.

Everything is working fine, except from 1 project.
When I open that project in perspective the whole webpage “crash”, and the status logs in the gateway just spams “Recieved prop sync on missing view”.

I also got some other errors, but I dont know where to start.
As of now the project cant be loaded since the gateway kinda slows down.

Is there something to be done about this?

It also disconnects me from the designer sessions when I try opening the page in the Designer.
Seems like the whole tag provider freezes.

I have been trying to remake the template, but the error still exists.

It seems that when I don’t have a designer open, the problem doesnt occur so often, and if it occurs the wait time for the server to come back online is not long.

I get disconnected from the server when this happens, and I can see that there is no sessions active in the perspective sessions on the gateway status page.

When the connection comes back, all the sessions are coming back aswell some seconds later. I fear that all the clients are experiencing the same thing that I experience on my computer.

Received response with ExceptionCode: 0x0A has internal comments that lead me to believe your Gateway is “overloaded” (context is unclear). This error emanates from the Modbus driver, and so I would start with investigating your Modbus connection. As you also specified that the Tag Provider “freezes”, this sounds like your Modbus access might be causing the issue. Where to start looking really depends on what you’re doing, but it’s a place to start. It is possible that the project in question induces some sort of extreme load, which would cause the displayed exception; depending on how the Views in question are configured, they might be requesting data, then they get shutdown due to the Gateway having issues, and then the data is sent to the Views which have been shutdown, but they’re not there to hear it.

Hi, thanks for answering.
The modbus error is a known error due to some mismatch on the registers, and has been like that for a while now, even with the working project. It’s also on another connection not related to the connection I use for the templates.

I have sorted out the problem now.
It seems that when I make a template with around 50 embeddedview tags in it, and make it a dropdown option for a UDT, then the problems starts.

I have now directly linked all tags in what was the template, and I am now running 50 of those views and swapping fast between them, just for a stresstest, and everything is working as it should.

So it seems that making a view with alot of embedded views, and making all that into a view, is causing the problems for me.

The real question is why the template was working at 8.0.3rc2 version and not on 8.0.4?

This whole problem ceased to exist. The problem was embedded views writing to a tag when opening a view. This problem is now gone after doing the last trick CG from IA replied to in this post: