Upgrader says modules won't be upgraded but appears to upgrade them anyway

The last few times we’ve upgraded Ignition 8 on one server we’ve got a message that “the upgrader detected the following modules that will not be updated automatically” during the upgrade:
Each time we’ve selected “Yes” without doing anything else, thinking we’d install the latest version of the module separately afterwards. However, when we look at module config on the gateway, it appears this module was upgraded after all (see UDP and TCP Drivers version):

Does this mean the module was upgraded? Or is it showing the current version despite still using the old version?

If it did get upgraded, what else do we need to do–perhaps follow the directions on the dialogue–so we don’t get this popup with each subsequent Ignition upgrade?

The version on the webpage should always be accurate (that page is actually asking the modules for their versions; it’s not a pre-cached list or anything).

This sounds like a bug in the installer, but we’re actually in the middle of replacing the installers anyways, so it may not be an issue in a few versions.

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