Upgrading 7.9.3 to 8.x - Any intermediate 7.9 revisions to hit first?

I’ve got a client wanting to go 7.9.3 to 8, and I am curious if there are any recommended 7.9 minor revisions before making the upgrade?

Is it best practice to take it up to 7.9.12 first, or is there little value in doing so? Just trying to avoid any pitfalls along the way and ensure this is a smooth move.


There are some minor gotchas in 7.9.12 related to AB drivers. Consider 7.9.11, or waiting for 7.9.13. The biggest changes will be related to client security privileges. I’d test those in a late 7.9.x before switching to 8.0.

Thanks, Phil. I’ll take it up to 7.9.11 and go from there.

What are the AB driver gotchas in 7.9.12?

Wasn’t that where the scan classes aren’t honored (well, exposed)?

Oh, that. Yeah that’s a thing, I just didn’t think of it as AB specific. The thing that causes the polling rate to not match the scan class has always existed, but a change in how UA subscriptions are made has made this all visible, most notably with tag change scripts that now fire more often than expected when a changing value is polled faster than expected.

7.9.13 does change the request scheduling so the rate is always honored.

Ok, I missed that nuance. I thought it was a driver problem, not a UA server issue.