Upgrading 7.9 to a 8.0 Vision project on production server checklist

Recently imported and edited a 7.9 project in Vision 8.0 to make it work properly.

Tomorrow, I am replacing the 7.9 Licensed Project/Gateway with a new licensed 8.0 copy of Ignition.

Some considerations -

  1. I have gateway scripts on the project that would be bad if they ran twice.
  2. Our DNS server is set up to allow people on our network to go to something like app.ourignitionapp.com to get pointed to the Ignition Gateway homepage.

My question is how do I handle the old 7.9 version on the server? Should I just completely uninstall it (after confirming 8.0 works)?

Right now here is my current check list, I want to make sure that I have the order of operations correct

For Upgrade to 8.0

Take Snapshot of VM
Take backup of 7.9 Gateway
Turn off all gateway scripts
Turn off 7.9 Gateway completely
Perhaps uninstall 7.9?
Install appropriate version of Ignition 8.0
Import 8.0 version of gateway
Activate license
Point to correct database
Test and see

Anything I might be missing or anything in my order that could cause issues?

I should also note, we had a Licence for 7.9. We recently bought the license for the perspective module. As I understand it, I will have to use the current license we already have for Ignition for our running 7.9 Gateway to use Vision etc, and then add on the Perspective license we just purchased. Please verify if I am correct in my understanding. This is what is on our certificate.

and what is on our current live system

I also just realized the CD License Key is the same on both, so I suppose it was just an upgrade then?

Yes, if you reactivate the license on the 7.9 server, everything should match up with your certificate.
Be sure you un-activate the license before uninstalling Ignition so the license will be available to reactivate on Ignition 8 (if you forget, you’ll still be okay as they have an emergency activation mode, but you’ll have to call support to get your license sorted out).