Upgrading 8.1.22 to 8.1.33

I am attempting to update ignition from 8.1.22 to 8.1.33 on redundant servers. As of right now I have only performed the upgrade on one of them because my database connections (MS SQL) are faulted.
I have scoured here and the internet for solutions and feel I have exhausted my resources and possibly knowledge. Things I have done so far:
-downloaded new .jar file (jdbc with the .jre17 as the manual states)
-ensured that TLS 1.0 etc has been enabled in the java.security file
-added trustServerCertificate=true to the extra connection properties
There are 2 databases that are faulted (one running MS SQL 2008 and MS SQL 2008R2; and the other server running 2014 and 2008).

The final error with these changes I'm getting is:
"Cannot create PoolableConnectionFactory (Connection Reset)"
part in paranthesis cycles back and forth to:
(SQL Server did not return a response. The connection has been closed)

I appreciate any help provided, and I plan on calling tech support this afternoon if I don't figure this out.

Just to verify, you only have one MSSQL JDBC .jar file in ${IGNITION_INSTALL_LOCATION}/user-lib/jdbc folder, right? Also, what version [of the JDBC driver] are you using? I've found this page to be helpful in the past, fwiw.

I think you need an older version of the JDBC driver if you want compatibility with SQL Server 2008:

You might be stuck between a rock and a hard place though, depending on exactly how the JDBC driver is authored. It's possible the Java 11 version of the driver will run on Ignition even though we're on Java 17 as of 8.1.33, but by no means guaranteed. So you might be at an impasse between a far-out-of-date SQL server and a totally-up-to-date Ignition instance.

I was afraid this was the case. For my other server the above referenced steps did work. Again thanks for the response.