Upgrading additional modules (quickly) during command line upgrade

When doing a command line upgrade on a Linux server, what is the quickest way to upgrade the additional modules like MQTT Engine? Doing it via the web UI after the initial restart works, but takes time to upload if I'm remote and I also like to do one final restart of the whole system after getting all modules upgraded. It would be nice if I could pre-emptively copy the files to the machine to reduce "downtime" and also get the modules in place before the initial restart to skip the extra reboot.

The interactive menu that the Linux CLI installer provides only offers to remove old or add new modules, but if I ask it to remove the old one and add a new one it marks the new one with a different name which feels worrisome.

I have also found I can directly copy the updated modules over the old ones in the user-lib/modules directory before the initial start and it seems to pull them in, but is that guaranteed to work or could it possibly miss schema upgrade steps or licensing agreements or something?

It has always worked for me, as long as you don't accidentally have two of the same module (due to versions in the file name).

Schema upgrade is part of the module's startup, so no, not that. If the EULA or cert has not been accepted, then the module will be quarantined instead of starting. But those can be automated. See the docker scripts for inspiration.

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