Upgrading from 7.5?

Product engineer here. Working with maintenance technician to duplicate a station in a system that was installed in our facility ~7 years ago.

How much of a nightmare would it be to upgrade our Ignition from 7.5? TBH, the programming is a mess from the original programmer, but we don’t have the time or resources to redo it. We are running into all kinds of issues in the new station that we are trying to program because some of the parts that were used in 2012 are no longer available so we are having to purchase newer versions, and they aren’t programming exactly the same way. Plus, I don’t think we can correctly configure our AB CompactLogix PLC because I don’t think this old version of Ignition supports the newer firmware.

Any suggestions or advice? The plant engineer wants the new station installed on 4/6, so we’re coming up on a deadline …

The odds are good that an upgrade will be straightforward. You would certainly want to spin up some test servers in VMs into which to load your gateway backups. You might want to restore into a v7.7 install first, then back that up for restore into v7.9. Use the “restore disabled” option so no comms turn on. Once in v7.9, enable the various connections one by one, starting with a connection to a copy of your DB. Then device connections (preferably with spare PLCs). Then check the visuals. When you are confident the individual pieces work, you can switch over. Be sure to talk to sales to get your license upgraded.