Upgrading Gateway from Java 6 to Java 7

Just burned almost 3 hours getting Java 7 installed on a V7.6.6 gateway. Thank goodness it was a weekend on only my time and not the plant’s production time.
Needed Java 7 to demo the mobile, does not run with V7.6.6 and Java 6.
After downloading and installing java 7 , gateway still reported Java 6 was in use. Even after rebooting gateway.

To make a long story short, when Java 7 is installed, it creates a /jre7/ folder. On an existing Ignition Gateway, the default path to Java ( on a 64bit OS ) will be C:/ProgramFiles/Java64/. Java 7 installs files and subfolders in C:/ProgramFiles/Java64/jre7/.

I eventually figured out, after several attempts, that during the Java install to change the destination folder when prompted to C:/ProgramFiles/Java64 and continue the installation to overwrite the Java 6 files.

You can actually have any number of Java versions installed side-by-side, all you need to do is point the ‘wrapper.java.command’ parameter in ignition.conf to the location of the Java executable you want to use.

I tried that but it did not work, I suppose a gateway restart was in order after changing the conf file.
I started down a slippery slope when I uninstalled V6 and then the gateway crashed.
Ended up reinstalling the gateway, same issue.
Copied V7 files into V6 path, gateway would start, but launching designer, client launcher would not work.
When I finally stopped reacting and started thinking , I realized where I went wrong. Thank goodness first thing I done was to make a gateway backup.