Upgrading General Questions

When upgrading a server, say from 8.0.x to 8.1.x, is there any practical difference between upgrading over the top of the existing installation vs. uninstalling old, installing new, and then restoring the gateway backup?

Is there anything that could be modified by the upgrade that would then be overwritten by restoring the GW backup?

Am I overthinking this?

If you’re talking about upgrading using the installers then everything should be fine and the end result should be the same. Just take a backup first in case something goes wrong.

Upgrading using the zip distributions is a little more involved and it’s probably easier to make a backup, unzip a clean new install from the new version, then restore.

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@Kevin.Herron can the linux installer run headless via cli?


Thanks, but I think I just realized that Edge doesnt have a linux installer? or is it the same linux installer and need an attribute in the CLI line to call out Edge upgrade?

But there IS a separate Linux Edge installer zip file.

Correct, that is how I have been installing. Many of our edge installs will have low speed wireless connections. Trying to find the most efficient and best upgrade method. The massive near 2GB files are intense. Will be testing both the installer and zip file. EAM upgrades are failing as the GAN connection faults when the zip transfer begins, even tho connectivity to the site is still solid.