Upgrading Ignition 7.9 on Linux User Name Not Available

I am trying to upgrade Ignition 7.9.13 to 7.9.18 on a headless Linux server x64, but during the upgrade process when the option for selecting a Linux User Name came up the user name entered does not exist on the Linux system.

During the installation process it errors out saying “Error: Error running /usr/local/bin/ignition/ignition.sh stop: child process exited abnormally” then shortly after says “Error running chown -R (incorrect Linux user name) /usr/local/bin/ignition:”.

After trying to rerun the upgrade installation the option to select a correct Linux user name is not shown anymore and the same error keeps coming up without any way of correcting it. I have removed the file (command rm) and redownloaded, removed the file/restarted the Linux server/redownloaded, as well as download the original 7.9.13 installation package, but all attempts give the same error without allowing the option to select a new Linus user name to install under.

Thoughts on how to get the prompt again to select a correct Linux user name?

Side note: I downloaded a backup of the Ignition gateway to my host computer (Windows OS) prior to trying the update.

Hi @blewis,

Im not sure of the state that this install is in, but you could always supply the username as an argument when running the installer. the argument is --username MY_USER.

Hope that helps,
Jonathan C

@jcoffman With the help of Ignition support we tried that. Unfortunately that still didn’t get it to function properly as was still holding on to the original improper user name entered. The final solution was to uninstall Ignition completely then perform a fresh install of 7.9.13, restore the gateway via the backup taken prior to the upgrade, then upgrade to 7.9.18. The only follow up issue was that the license had to be re-installed and the extra modules installed by default had to be uninstalled.

Yeah I was working with the support rep for your issue. Im glad you were able to get it sorted out!

It should be noted for people visiting this thread that

  1. The issue was the incorrect username was being pulled in from lib/install-info.txt which was taking precedence over the username argument so look there to change the user to install Ignition as.
  2. starting with 8.0.14 we switched to an internally designed installer which solves this directly.
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